We serve all communities in Newberry County.  

It is our mission to spread the important message of prevention, education, and training surrounding substance use and abuse.  We are fortunate to have so many agencies and organizations throughout Newberry County represent the coalition.  These are the twelve sectors of representation that make up the coalition:

  • Businesses

    With our co-chair of the coalition being the Executive Director of the Newberry County Chamber of Commerce,  we have had great success with forming partnerships with businesses throughout the community.

  • Youth Serving Agencies

    With our focus being on youth, we need to make sure we are connected to all the other wonderful organizations working towards bettering the lives of the youth in our communities.  Young Life and YMCA both do great work with collaborating with the coalition.

  • Media Outlets

    A great working relationship has been formed with the local radio station, WKDK, as well as our local newspaper, the Newberry Observer and the Reporter.  We use our connection with both to help spread awareness and get the education out to our community members via different media outlets.

  • Religious Groups

    It is important to keep a strong working relationship with our faith-based organizations, as there are many benefits to having their insight and input on the issues at hand as many community members reach out to their local faith-based organizations for help.

  • Local Government

    If we want to stay up to date with the laws and policies, it is important to have members of the local government being a part of our mission and the work we do for our community.

  • Law Enforcement

    Between the City of Newberry Police department, the Newberry County Sheriff's department and the Town of Prosperity Police department, many collaborative efforts have been and continue to be made to help make Newberry County a safer place for our youth.

  • Volunteer Groups

    Without Volunteers, the mission and vision of the Coalition would not be possible.  That is why it is important to stay connected to those Volunteer groups that are willing to put their time and effort into all that we do.

  • Health Care

    It is important to keep connections with members of healthcare that are up to date with the trends of substance use and abuse, and what they are seeing in our community.

  • Substance Abuse Org.

    We work side by side with the Prevention Department of Westview Behavioral Health Services.  Our goals and outcomes both focusing on substance abuse prevention, we are committed to providing our community with the proper education, information and training needed to create a drug free Newberry County!

  • Schools

    The Newberry County School District has been supportive and collaborative in our efforts of promoting prevention education to our youth within the schools.

  • Parents

    Newberry County Coalition on Underage drinking is always looking for more parents who would like to be more involved in substance abuse prevention, click here if you are an interested or concerned parent who would like to become more involved!

  • Youth

    Newberry High School has a very active and successful Youth Coalition group! To find out more about their efforts and what they do to promote substance abuse prevention throughout their schools, click here


We work with many different people from organization, groups and entities and we  wish we could name them all! 

But here are the leaders who help keep our coalition running! 

Kayleigh LaQuay

Drug Free Community Coordinator

Heather Davenport

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

Stay connected, Stay educated.

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